The HEAROES solution – a truly simple implementation!

The operation model was designed by people who, just like you, love simplicity.
We did our utmost to make this service implementation fast and without any complicated infrastructure changes, costly expansions or endless configurations.
Simply put, this service does not require any “heavy-lifting” on your behalf.


Your organization’s public addressing system is a given.

The HEAROES solution is designed to connect to your Public Addressing Messaging System in one of three alternative simple ways: Software, Hardware or PBX (telephony system). Each of these integration methods works the same – your public announcement is transmitted to our Service Desk where it is processed and sent to designated subscribers.

The STUDER software is deployed as a virtual appliance or a hardware thin-client-appliance which connects directly to the public address system via a single audio jack. It is as simple as plugging a headphone…

When using the Telephony for transmitting the message, there is no need to add any component, hardware or software; the service will be up and running immediately after following the registration process and the definition of a local phone number (or IP ) as an additional extension for any outbound announcement.

It is as simple as creating a new phone extension!


Each recipient who has the HEAROES app installed and found within the geographically range (for example; airport, warehouse etc.) will be able to receive and read the message in its original language or in any language they prefer. 

If a message contains any user predefined keywords such as Full Name or Flight Number, it receives a high relevance score and triggers a Personal Message notification alert. Messages with high relevance score will create an additional specific hepatic feedback.

Personal messages are different from general messages.
The HEAROES app defaults not to flood subscribers with an infinite stream of generic messages. The following can be configured differently for those who want to read each and every message.

Become a HEARO!

Now that you registered, installed and activated your HEAROES solution, you are a real HEARO!
We will send you HEAROES stickers and signs for all to see that the HEAROES solution is active & operational on premises. We will also list your organization on our “HEAROES in Action” page.

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