Many businesses utilize their public-address system to communicate with customers and employees.

We are all familiar with public messages announcing specials or directing employees to perform a specific task or go to a specific location.

A warehouse is usually a huge structure with limited acoustics, a challenge even for a superior public-address system. Delivering messages, be it an emergency message concerning all employees or a message to a specific employee, in such environment is challenging. Another obstacle to delivering messages is the employees’ resentment to use personal cell phones for work-related tasks, mainly due to privacy concerns.

The HEAROES solution enables the transmission of messages to the relevant employees without or in parallel to a public-address message. It contributes to a quiet workspace environment and does not interfere with customer-oriented messages. It also contributes to the effort to include people with disabilities in the workforce e.g. hard of hearing, late-deafened and deaf.

HEAROES solves this problem by using a geographical identification model thus, the channel of messaging the employee is directly related to their presence in the area, so it balances well the work and privacy aspects of the employer and employee.

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