Even for the frequent flyer Travel is not a natural situation; one leaves their “comfort-zone” and enters what is usually an unfamiliar environment.

With this comes the load of information we need to absorb, analyze and act upon. The ever-changing information we collect could cause us to adjust schedules, change plans or go to a specific location. Once we are in “Travel mode” at the airport, train station etc., we need to ‘calibrate’ all our senses, but mainly our hearing, to new surroundings, different languages, dialects and an entirely unfamiliar acoustic environment.

Public address messages are crucial as we try to get to our destination safe and in a timely fashion. There is no underestimating the anxiety that missing an important message can cause us:

“Was it my name that was just called?”
“What do I do now?”

Most if not all transportation authorities are required by law to manage a public-addressing system. Though extremely important for the traveling public, the actual value of an announcement is diminished, if not totally void, due to acoustic challenges, language barriers or lack of attention. There is an undeniable need to raise the effectiveness of the messages played over the public-addressing systems.

The HEAROES solution ‘envelopes’ each message with a comprehensive set of attributes that transforms the limited public announcement event into a written text, allowing it to be populated, translated,  haptic feedback, replayed, audited, logged and more.

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