Many retail operations use a public addressing system to communicate with customers and employees.

Typically, messages directed to customers have a commercial orientation, while employee messages are operational. Most of us are familiar with the announcement in these places in search of certain employees for one reason or another.

The HEAROES solution enables sending messages to the relevant employees without or along with the public-address system. It contributes to the less noisy public environment and does not interfere with or drives attention away from customer-oriented messages.

Commercially oriented public messages typically announce discounts or a special sale in store; This mode of operation requires the customer not only to be attentive but also to be physically present in the announcement area.

HEAROES allows the broadcast of these messages to the customers even when they are away from the retail location. The potential target audience of each announcement is now multiplied and can potentially help to draw customers back to the store. The distribution potential of each message increases its value tenfold.

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