Whether it is a prestigious restaurant or a fast food chain, we may be required to provide name and phone number for seating or order purposes, or listen to our order number being called.

This familiar concept is the main means of communication between the guest and the restaurant. Some restaurants offer a bulky buzzer device which works only within a close range to the restaurant, others simply suggest we stay attentive to hear our name or order number when they are called.

Recently restaurants have been asking for the guest’s mobile phone number, however this has privacy implications as it might reach one advertiser or another soon.

Using the HEAROES solution does not require the repetitive public call of a customer’s name while all others are waiting. By default, the client’s name is defined as a keyword within the app. Calling the client’s name over the public announcement system will appear immediately as a personal notification message on his/her HEAROES App, triggering maximum and immediate attention.

In the case of a fast food location that calls out order numbers (and not names), the order number will be set as an additional keyword and all that the client needs to do is wait until the alert appears on his/her mobile device.

As a business owner, you know that optimal service is crucial, and so is the effectiveness of the reservation system. HEAROES offers you a better and a more elegant way to connect with your customers.


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