Sometimes, we need to go to a medical institution for a checkup or treatment.

Whether it is the ER, a hospital facility or a local clinic we are required to wait attentively for our name or number to be announced. This can be a call to enter the doctor’s room, a call to enter medical treatment facility, a call to a family member etc.

Sometimes sitting in a shared space is inconvenient and we prefer the fresh air outside, a short walk or simply to get a cup of coffee at the cafeteria.  Yet we all know that our name may be called exactly when we’re away…

As a director of a medical institution, you strive for the optimal service and to manage a queue in the best way possible. With the HEAROES solution, you can ensure that every call to a patient or visitor reaches its destination in a timely and private manner. If the institution already runs a queue management application, HEAROES can be integrated by the API model.

Another way a medical institution can benefit from the HEAROES solution is to efficiently manage all personnel public announcements. Using the system will allow direct messaging a specific Doctor or staff member, even if the person is out of the immediate announcement area. In case a Doctor is not available or completely off premises, he or she can react and communicate accordingly, thus saving critically valuable time.

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