There is no underestimating the importance of public-address messages during the time of an emergency.

Naturally, any emergency message must be delivered immediately reaching the largest audience possible.

Though today fire and smoke detectors are mandatory safety features, people who are away from the detectors, away from the facility or with hearing disabilities might not be able to hear the alarm sound.

Emergency messages should reach all residents in the area. Chances are that residents within their rooms will not be attentive to the alarming sound of a warning coming from a public area such as the stairway.

HEAROES sends the user a unique real-time emergency alert. Once a user subscribes to the facility channel, he/she will be immediately alerted regardless of their actual location. For example, if a fire breaks at your condominium while you are at work – you will be immediately alerted!

With HEAROES you will know if family members might be in danger – even if you are not in the vicinity of the event. You can then facilitate resources from afar to make sure they are all safe and sound.

*HEAROES delivers the public-address message and simultaneously sends an emergency message to first-responders.

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