With typically high volume of public announcements, education facilities greatly benefit from HEAROES system.

Educational facilities use public addressing systems on a daily basis. Informative announcements are made to students, teachers, guests and administrative staff members. Public addressing system is a key tool to direct students in evacuation and other emergency situations.

In addition to standard and emergency messages schools around the US deliver a ‘message of the day’. This daily morning message delivers important information and instructions, transmitted only once and not readily available again. This creates a problem to whoever missed the original message due to proximity to speakers, acoustic factors, social distraction or if the student was simply late to school. Naturally, children with disabilities face even greater difficulties either in hearing or in comprehending the message.

With the HEAROES solution students and staff will be able to “playback” the message, read it at their own pace, as many times as needed and to act accordingly. The message can also be made available to parents who wish to be informed of school activities, even though they are not physically present in the school at the time of the announcement.

Acoustic Protocol has a special pricing model for the education sector.

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