Security matters!

All public-address messages are public ‘by design’. Anyone that is present within the range of the public-address system may or should listen to the message. Therefore, populating such a public message does not infringe any standard security limitations. Nevertheless, the HEAROES solution meets the requirements of the strictest security protocols.

The STUDER connects directly to the existing public-addressing auxiliary audio port or by phone number extension of the PBX telephony system in use. All that is required is an audio cable connection. No data nor IP connections are required, but can be provided upon special request.

The STUDER does not store any data, hence there is no hard drive. All definitions and settings are memory-resident only. While HEAROES can be deployed as service or software only, the STUDER hardware is our default configuration designed to support all IT operational attributes and requirements.

From physical security at your site over to protection against sophisticated exploits and customer separation at the kernel level, Acoustic Protocol provides a highly-secured experience to every deployment. We conduct periodic code reviews and security audits of all internal environments and processes.

We partner with third-party, independent security firms to ensure best practice security measures are always in place.

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