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Introducing HEAROES

We all are familiar with them and when possible we carefully listen to the information they disseminate. However, what comes through is not always clear or understood; HEAROES transforms the standard audio public address announcement into a multi-sensory event.

The effectiveness of a public-address message increases dramatically as one can retrieve it, decrypt it, read it again and get an additional feedback when a personal keyword like ‘your name’ was part of it.

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Acoustic Protocol Inc.
Based in Maryland US, the company aims to develop acoustic infrastructure that enables the creation and integration of acoustic signatures in our daily lives.

Acoustic Protocol develops acoustic infrastructures and technological models (patents pending) setting a solid foundation to solutions in the acoustic domain.

Founded by Nir Aran, a cyber-security specialist and a sound engineer, Acoustic Protocol developed its unique and disruptive technology in cooperation with audiologists, sound & speech specialists, and software designers, all contributing to the success of this groundbreaking venture.

At the core of Acoustic Protocol is a highly-refined machine learning (AI) engine. As we process audio data, we compile acoustic signatures with specific attributes typical to each sound, such as the envelope, bias, range, appearance, pairing, pitch, and more.

This may sound easy, but the ability to extract, isolate and differentiate genuine acoustic signatures, especially if the scene contains limited or partial signatures, poor sound source or background noise is rather challenging.

Mapping acoustic signatures is an un-tapped field that will offer life-changing technology to many. Acoustic Protocol and its innovative solutions are quickly establishing its position as a pioneer and a leader in the emerging acoustic data field.

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